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  • 99.99% pure oxygen free copper wire
  • CEA2015 compliant
  • Super-flexible silicon based jacketing
  • True American wire gauge size
  • Nickel plated brass for better current transfer
  • Sturdy screw-on terminals
  • ANL & AFS (mini-ANL) style fuse holders
  • NPBAT fits BOTH positive & negative terminals
  • RVC is the perfect solution for a universal level controller

You want better sound? Well duh! Who doesn’t… As they say the proof is in the pudding. Okay so we’re not serving pudding, but if you want a kick %$* sounding system you definitely don’t want to skimp on power delivery. We’ll even extend your Memphis warranty when you purchase a connection kit and have your install done by an authorized Memphis dealer. What more could you ask for?

Wire is wire… right? WRONG

The best conducting metal on earth is silver, with copper running a close second (97.4% as much conductivity as silver – even better than gold). Copper just happens to be the only material used on every inch of Memphis connection power wire. 100% pure oxygen free copper, in fact. Why do we use such expensive copper? Because it delivers more power to your amplifier. More power means your system plays louder and longer… which is why you bought an amplifier in the first place, right? Under powering is the #1 cause of amplifier failure, so use the right wire so you get th right sound… got it?


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