Today’s car amplifiers are much more efficient than ever. You can see that in the packaging: a small footprint and light weight.

One of the features that these amps have is thermal protection. As the name implies, it protects the amp from overheating. And it does it by shutting it down completely for a few seconds, then it powers up again.

Many owners think that this is a malfunction on the amp, when it is exactly the opposite, thermal protection saves the amp from frying its integrated circuits or power supplies.

If your amp exhibits this symptom, try checking the following:

1- Make sure the amp is in a well ventilated area.
2- Check that the wiring being used is of high quality and that the gauge of your wires match the specs of your amp
3- Make sure that your subs or speakers match the impedance of your amp. If you run an impedance lower than what your amp can handle, it will cause the amp to overheat.
4- Never EVER keep running your amp if it is being shut down by the thermal protection safety system. This is a sure way to fry your amp.

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